First Basic Grooming

I was wondering, why mommy didn’t catch me into that red tub for bathing this week…

Grandpa & grandma brought me out for a car ride instead, and later I was reunited with mommy….

Not long after, I realised why! I was left into the hands of some strangers and got what mommy calls it as basic grooming! Eew!

They shaved my belly, paws and butt fur, cut my nails and gave me a bath…. Mommy just double-crossed me!

Anyway, no pictures were taken coz I still look like me, but mommy said the owner of the petshop was rather friendly and taught mommy some stuffs on how to better take care of me…. ngek ngek ngek! ;D

It was just my first visit to that grooming salon, so far so good…. However I had a badie bad tangle at my butt which mommy had to get Aunty G’s help to hold me still while she sort out the tangle…. But I don’t know how is their full grooming skills like though…. Wondering where is it? I manage to steal the name card from mommy’s purse so here you go….

Style Essentials @ Pet Safari Ikano, Mutiara Damansara

Opens from Monday-Sunday; 10am-7pm; Strictly by appointment only

Tel: 03 – 7727 3797

farts and burps ♥

Seraph hearts mommy

lately mommy leaves the house cheerily but she is like so busy and stressed when she arrives home from a place she calls uni…. I wonder what kind of scary place is that…. If I could, I wanna chew off that place so that mommy is always happy 😛

Mommy, Seraph loves you ok? Eventhough I may missed my toilet location at times….

In the mean time, I shall wait next to mommy’s toys books while she “chews” on them…. It’s a rather large one imo…. O.o

It’s larger & heavier than your’s truly you know….

♥ Seraph


This post is dedicated to mommy…. ^^ It is to let her know how I was growing up & learning from my birth up till now….

Well, I wasn’t aware of my surroundings till I was a lil older….When I was at the age of

5 Weeks Old ~ I met mommy for the first time, but I was more concern about sleeping so when she took pictures of & with me, I was looking grumpy…. >.<

6 Weeks Old ~ This week was a rather poogressive week

I experienced my first what-the-humans-called-as bath, but I think that is a total torture! A misfit! I tried struggling out of that dam which was slowly filling up with water but it was footless…. So, to revenge for such a torture, I tried to climbed out of the den…. woof!

From my birthmom,  I learnt that I shouldn’t soil anywhere I wanted to, so wee wee pads are now my best “business” partners…. Mom also said that I’m beginning to hurt her when I feed for milk as my baby teeth are appearing evilly, so she runs away from me…. 😥 Which also means that I had my first taste of what the adults usually eat – kibbles

7 Weeks Old ~ I can now finally walk properly after weeks of stumbling around like a clown, entertaining people as I fall….

I had pretty much learned the basic skill for survival…. Besides, I was the only child…. 😛 So after that, it’s just waiting to go to mommy’s home…. 🙂

Cheers to my messy hair even after grooming…. XD

paws and furs ♥

woof woof

woof everyone…. my name is Seraph. Am currently a 3 months old maltese ^^

My barkday is on 1st August 2010, so people and doggies, please mark that date on your calendar will you? *puppy eyes* Now, how did I get here? Mommy bought me from my breeder who shows maltese, yes, my birth mommy is a pretty lil maltese and conceit little me will be a pretty lady too when I grow up…. XD

My first few days wern’t very great, I had to travel so many hours in some moving monster to reach mommy’s den! Which of course is now my den…. ^^ But as I am typing away on mommy’s laptop, I’m having a sun tan too…. Life’s great isn’t it?

this would be a diary of mine to keep up the not-so-day to day events of my life and as memories….

as for now, I shall return to mommy with my cuchie cuchie cute face to be pampered…. But mommy, please don’t groom me? I hate to stay still on 1 spot all the time….


licks and barks ♥