woof woof

woof everyone…. my name is Seraph. Am currently a 3 months old maltese ^^

My barkday is on 1st August 2010, so people and doggies, please mark that date on your calendar will you? *puppy eyes* Now, how did I get here? Mommy bought me from my breeder who shows maltese, yes, my birth mommy is a pretty lil maltese and conceit little me will be a pretty lady too when I grow up…. XD

My first few days wern’t very great, I had to travel so many hours in some moving monster to reach mommy’s den! Which of course is now my den…. ^^ But as I am typing away on mommy’s laptop, I’m having a sun tan too…. Life’s great isn’t it?

this would be a diary of mine to keep up the not-so-day to day events of my life and as memories….

as for now, I shall return to mommy with my cuchie cuchie cute face to be pampered…. But mommy, please don’t groom me? I hate to stay still on 1 spot all the time….


licks and barks ♥

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