This post is dedicated to mommy…. ^^ It is to let her know how I was growing up & learning from my birth up till now….

Well, I wasn’t aware of my surroundings till I was a lil older….When I was at the age of

5 Weeks Old ~ I met mommy for the first time, but I was more concern about sleeping so when she took pictures of & with me, I was looking grumpy…. >.<

6 Weeks Old ~ This week was a rather poogressive week

I experienced my first what-the-humans-called-as bath, but I think that is a total torture! A misfit! I tried struggling out of that dam which was slowly filling up with water but it was footless…. So, to revenge for such a torture, I tried to climbed out of the den…. woof!

From my birthmom,  I learnt that I shouldn’t soil anywhere I wanted to, so wee wee pads are now my best “business” partners…. Mom also said that I’m beginning to hurt her when I feed for milk as my baby teeth are appearing evilly, so she runs away from me…. 😥 Which also means that I had my first taste of what the adults usually eat – kibbles

7 Weeks Old ~ I can now finally walk properly after weeks of stumbling around like a clown, entertaining people as I fall….

I had pretty much learned the basic skill for survival…. Besides, I was the only child…. 😛 So after that, it’s just waiting to go to mommy’s home…. 🙂

Cheers to my messy hair even after grooming…. XD

paws and furs ♥

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