Sadness in the Maltese world

Hello to everyone, I’ve been well (but not eating to make mommy worry, naughty me I know)

Mommy has been begging me to eat more but I’m refusing her human eyes coz she has been bring me out to strange and unfamiliar places, making me meet unfamiliar strangers…. Hmph! Doesn’t she know that I am afraid of unfamiliarity??

So she went to buy treats to mix with my kibbles, I picked them out with my sharp nose & tongue, she bought supplements that are suppose to boost my appetite but I still won’t eat…. Now she’d take my bowl away after 15 minutes…. Woof! We’ll see who wins the battle….

Anyway, I was over at Autumn Jie Jie’s blog and saw news of a maltese crossing over the Rainbow bridge…. He is Autumn Jie Jie’s brother, Jordan…. If you wish to extend your warm regards to Jordan’s mommy, you can over here….

Mommy met Jordan before, so that’s why I’m posting this news here on behalf of mommy….

RIP Jordan Gor Gor…. ♥