Hormones?? What’s that??

Mommy has been complaining that she feels jealous….

OF WHAT?? I looked at her surprised….

And she kept on saying that it shows that my hormones are normal and working well….


So I decided to investigate till I find the roots….

Turns out she noticed that I have the tendency to stick to the male species….

For eg. daddy, grandpa, my breeder….

But mommy…. Although I may be rebellious at times, or a pain in the butt (or fingers literally)….

I LOVE YOU the best ok? licks licks….

Btw, mommy has been bringing me for walks around the neighbourhood and I’m beginning to enjoy them more and more…. It’s a fresh sight other than the 4 walls…. Mommy don’t take it wrongly, I don’t mean that I’m bored with you, okies??

I’ll try to be a good girl and eat more of my food if you bring me out for more walks and longer ones, deal??

*saw mommy’s death stare, runs & hides*

♥ Baby Seraph

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