How nice if TV still showed this cartoon….

or perhaps be able to download it…. (opps! hehe…)

Mommy showed me the trailer of this cartoon which she watch during her childhood and it looked so interesting….


2 thoughts on “Balto

  1. Hi Seraph, this cartoon looks good too but I haven’t watched it before. I might try to find this one out later. I always like this kind of cartoons and enjoy Tom and Jerry. However, there are more power rangers, Ben 10 and others which I think they are just not for children anymore.

    Many thanks for your advice and I thank your mom for sharing her experience. I know there are many things in life which are not what we want or plan to pursue but I also believe if we live honestly and kindly, we somehow are happy people. Life is full of uncertainties and not many people are able to decide what they want for their future at certain age. We somehow in the stage of try and error and finally make things right. We learn from mistakes and by making mistakes, we get wiser and tougher.

    I wish your mom all the best for her studies and she can finally find a job that she enjoys the most in the near future.

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