2nd Annual Spectacular-Tongue-tacular

Well, I stumbled upon this through Eva the Sheltie’s blog and gave mommy a lick to allow me to join…. So, yeah, it’s my 1st time participating in a blogtest…. TeeHee….

So, Anna the GSD is the wonderful host of this blogtest here…. Oh Dog! I hope I have wonderful tongue pictures to share!

 Sometimes it peaks out shyly…. *blushes*

Sometimes it sticks out boldly! *puffs chest*

On other days, you barely see it…. lolz….

Contest ends 11 March 2011 noon! Quickly put up your post and send them the link ASAP!

So now, lets cross our paws, and pray to Father God that I’d win my 1st blogtest…. 😀

Good Luck! ♥

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