Toasted Bread with Cheese & Sausage Roll

Some time ago, I saw this bread & cheese roll picture in Facebook…. It looked delicious & rather simple to do…. That, or I was bored & hungry during class…. Xb

So last weekend, I decided to try it…. Since learning how to cook, I have tried a few recipes on my own…. The funny thing is, those cookbooks sitting at home were actually mom’s, but she has never touched them before…. Turns out, I tried 1 or 2 recipes & my first guinea pigs were my wonderful family…. They were not afraid of getting diarrhoea the next day…. lol!

This bread roll is rather simple to make…. Like really simple…. All you need is an oven (or microwave oven, or else how you wanna bake it?) bread, cheese, and whatever fillings you want….

This time, I added sausage…. So I cut out the bread skin, place the cheese on the bread and fill with sausage…. Be careful not to over-fill or else you cannot roll it up later….P1050004This is how they look like all rolled up & lined in the oven getting ready to be baked….

P1050005If your oven is like mine, you’d probably have to turn them around when you see the top turning brown….

Baking~~ Baking~~ With this type of oven, you need to stand there & watch to make sure your food does not get burnt…. @@

P1050006After 4 minutes, turning them around…. See the brownish parts?

P1050007After flipping them over, bake for another 4 minutes….

Tadaa! Ready to serve….

P1050008Along with homecooked fried rice…. Dinner for the day…. P1050010Close up of the melted cheese!


Side view…. ^^


Simple right? I wonder what filling shall I try next time…. 😀

About the taste, it has this salty taste which is given out by the cheese…. And the bread tastes like you’re biting a crispy pizza crust…. yummy!

Till next time ♥

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