Nanowhite Polishing Exfoliator Review

*confession bear* I have never been regular & hardworking in keeping my skin clean during my teenage years…. Also because I had really bad acne during that time, I had no motivation to maintain my skin as I was really low in self esteem (even till now) that didn’t felt the need to do something about it….

Now as I have passed that hormonal blooming stage, 2-3 years later, my skin no longer breakout that badly, only the occasional stress or hormone related zits…. However, I have been left with many acne scars & the most annoying, hard to get rid blackheads! They’re like black pepper sprinkled over my nose! >.<

For years, I’ve been trying to find a product which can help me clear up or at least lessen (sound like a desperado ==”) the blackheads…. Well, coupled with my irregular use of scrub…. When I was still back in my hometown, mommy dearest would bring me to the beauty saloon once a month for a facial…. Basically, post-facial day is the ONLY day I see my nose clean & clear! @@ But now being miles away from home, I could no longer afford such luxuries~~

Well, the older I grow, the more vain I become, so recently, I try to slot in self-done beauty sessions whenever I can…. I’d do scrub, mask etc…. However I found this still inadequate to clear off the blackheads….

Recently just around a month ago, I was given a tube of NanoWhite Polishing Renewal Exfoliator….P1040979

Together with my Skinfood Black Sugar mask (which is an amazing scrub, shall blog about it another day) & Skinfood Acorn Jelly mask, I alternate them on alternate days individually (alternate-ception :p) Confused much? It means for example I use my exfoliator on Sunday, then Monday I will rest my skin, on Tuesday I will use my Skinfood masks both of them as the black sugar works as a scrub while acorn jelly is said to minimise pores, so on Wednesday I rest my skin again and the cycle repeats~~

Honestly, the first time I opened the tube, I was abit hesitant about using it as the smell was so strong of chemical smell! Imagine applying paint thinner on your face @@ I was worried that it will be too harsh on my skin causing it to be too dry & eventually more breakouts again…. I just took a deep breath & squeeze out the clear coloured gel & dabbed it all over my face, especially the nose & chin….P1040982

Slowly massaging the gel all over my face, rubber-seed-like stuffs start to form, which I presume should be my dead skin cells being rubbed off…. Like ALOT! I cant begin to imagine how much of dead skin has been accumulating on my skin, at the same time wondering if my skin will start peeling…. Turns out, my skin did not peel off, instead it feels cleaner…. Yay! So I can safely use this…. Well, the tube did say that their formula is gentle enough for everyday usage, but with that kind of strong chemical smell, who would believe? Pfft!

By now you are wondering, how is the effects of this exfoliator? After using for a month, I’m starting to notice a clearer nose, less blackheads…. Coz by now without facial for 2 months, my nose would be really clogged…. Following the regime above as diligent as possible, I have noticibly less blackheads over my nose…. *throws confetti*

Below is the comparison of before & after….

Before~~ see the black dots…. TTP1040988After~~ see a clearer nose?


Some might think that 1 month for noticible results is abit too long, but if you’ve been bogged with blackheads for so many years of your life, what is one month’s wait? Besides, for those with budget constrains, especially students, this product is quite affordable at the same time works (with diligence of course!)

Hope that my experience can help girls (and boys) in the same predicament to find a solution to saying good riddance your blackheads! 🙂

have a great day ahead ♥

4 thoughts on “Nanowhite Polishing Exfoliator Review

  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day.
    It will always be exciting to read through articles from other authors and practice a little something from their web sites.

  2. so far I’m liking it…. its the first exfoliator I’ve ever used tho…. 🙂 just wanted to share what helped me, hopefully it can enlighten/give more options to people having blackheads problem like me…. 😀

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