Knit One Purl One

I recently began a new hobby out the influence of my dearest bff…. It started off with her creating her first project & later a second one under her belt…. The curiousity cat got the better of me & I went on Youtube to watch tutorials…. Thus began the journey of my new found hobby….

Guess what is it? πŸ˜€

knitting 01

Some might think that it is an old granny activity, but ask any youngsters nowadays, how many indulge in healthy hobbies rather than smoking, drinking, clubbing? Besides, knitting can actually let you DIY your own gift for those special people in your life….

So i got my first pair of needle & first ball of yarn somewhere in early last year…. And this uncompleted project was taken in end of last year….

knitting 02

*epic slow* coz in between I sorta grew bored & class assignments were draining me out…. Plus, I was feeling more of chasing the time for finishing my project rather than enjoying the hobby…. So I abandoned it aside for some months before finding the passion to continue again….

Finally last month I successfully completed my first knitting project! A scarf…. πŸ˜€ Oh the success orgasm you feel!

knitting 03

*achievement unlocked* actually in this picture, the frills not completed yet…. :O *shame* *shifty eyes*

And finally now I got down to blogging about it…. ==”

Anyone else that knits too? Or perhaps you have the interest for knitting? There are plenty of tutorial videos on knitting for beginners in Youtube…. Let me know your experience once you have started or completed your project…. πŸ™‚

happy knitting β™₯

3 thoughts on “Knit One Purl One

  1. Your scarf looks lovely! I both knit and crochet, and I love that “achievement unlocked” feeling! Do you have any other projects in mind to make next?

  2. No new projects in mind yet…. Lol…. Haven’t really explore other designs…. Maybe another smaller width scarf with those fluffy balls…. I love fluffy stuffs! πŸ˜€ would love to make a hat some day….

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