Wool Felting, My New Hobby!!

So I’ve just recently found out about a new witchcraft, and yeah, by blogging about it, it means it’s got my attention! 😀 It’s called wool felting…. Just by using unspun wool, a barb needle and a foam pad, you can create cute sculptures without any sewing required!

Have I gotten your attention? hahaha….

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Skinfood Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask Review

Hello dear readers! Today, I’m gonna talk about a mask which I really loved & went to buy after using the sample pack for the first time! It’s the Skinfood Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask….

It comes in this small jelly-like packaging, probably to avoid it from too much environmental exposure…. So once you’re done with one, then only you open another…. Continue reading

Om Nom Time Travels~~

Many would know of this famous little green monster… 😀

I love the fact that besides playing the game, now I can watch Om Nom in many short stories…. 😀

I adore Om Nom so much that I even named my puppy Om Nom too…. ^^ I know I haven’t formally introduce her to you all…. After what happened to my first daughter, I’ve decided to wait a little longer before bringing her into this garden… 🙂

Besides, isnt this another reason for you guys to continue reading my blog? teehee!

of Snails and Secretions…. :p

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a long time…. To be exact, almost a month! Well, I’ve got solid reasons…. Please do forgive me…. Few weeks back, my friend’s car got broken into and 4 of our bags were stolen…. Making matters worse, my purse was in my bag! Which means my identity card, driver’s license, money, bank card & student id are now all GONE!! Imagine the trauma I had to go through…. But my friend had it worse; her car was damaged too in addition to a missing purse!

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