of Snails and Secretions…. :p

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a long time…. To be exact, almost a month! Well, I’ve got solid reasons…. Please do forgive me…. Few weeks back, my friend’s car got broken into and 4 of our bags were stolen…. Making matters worse, my purse was in my bag! Which means my identity card, driver’s license, money, bank card & student id are now all GONE!! Imagine the trauma I had to go through…. But my friend had it worse; her car was damaged too in addition to a missing purse!

So another friend brought us to make our police report, and since its end of the week, we had to wait till the new week began before we could proceed to buying the police report to make our new IC and stuffs…. Thankfully I had a weekend back home and also with the following busy schedule, the traumatic feeling has somewhat been subsided…. But now, I don’t bring any bags to classes so as not to leave it in the car anymore….

So while I’m taking a break off studying for an upcoming exam, I thought that I’d blog a bit to update you guys (… and girls) on something I’ve been wanting to share…. 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, that when I was young, I was plagued with really bad cystic acne over my face, and with my itchy little fingers, I’d poke at them…. Yes! Despite many advices, I couldn’t resist! Bad choice! Now I pay for it with having lots of scars, ugly scars…. :O

The other day (to be exact, 2 months ago!!), I came across this advertorial blogpost in fourfeetnine about snail creams which can help to reduce scaring…. sounds sceptical & unbelievable? Yea, I felt that way too…. Plus, it was an advertorial…. >.< But I was desperate, so I Googled about snail creams…. 1 particular brand which can be found in Malaysia is from an online store called HiShop…. Which is the advertorial I saw…. *facepalm myself lmao* They carry the Snail Street brand which is from Japan….

“The Snail Cream is formulated with 86% snail secretion filtrate extracted from the Helix Aspersa Muller species”

The bad part? The snail cream is rather expensive…. @@ I hope it matches the saying “good things don’t come cheap” >.< but!! The best part? You get to choose 3 free samples with any purchase…. 😀 And! And! If you purchase above RM50, you’ll get free delivery! wee~~

Here’s how the package came… 🙂


Here’s the stuffs I received…. ^^ see those free samples?


I haven’t tried the cream yet tho…. If it works, I’ll share the review with you guys! ^^ based on what I read online, let me just share a really short (and perhaps poor) summary….

Snail secretions are supposedly packed with collagen and those skin regenerating stuffs…. How they found out? Farmers who bred snails for gastronomic purposes (poor snails…) found that their wounds from sharp snail cage wires healed better and with no scars…. So researchers decided to well, research on snail secretions…. Xb

I’ve read other reviews on this brand also, some people say that it works, some say that it doesn’t suit their skin…. I guess it’s kind of an individual thing, so I decided to give it a try….

It even comes with a scoop so you won’t have to worry about dirty finger/fingernail touching unused cream…. 🙂


Also now being the month of May, they are having sales for Mother’s Day…. More reason for you to shop some gifts for dearest mommy (and yourself while you’re at it!) teehee!

♥ Happy Wednesday

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