To Mommy with L♥ve

This is about a woman whom

I admire, adore, respect and love for my whole life

This woman who left her home and brave the big city in search of a better future

This woman who juggled work, studies and us to give us a better life

This woman despite disappointing her countless times never gave up on us

This woman being hurt on many occasions still chose to love us unconditionally

♥ This woman is my beloved mommy ♥

I may not listen to or agree with her all the time, but she is still the best advisor

I may have thrown tantrum many times, but she still whole-heartedly forgives me

I may have different fashion sense from her, but she is still the best (window) shopping buddy

I may have been picky about food, but she still lovingly cooks my favourite food when I’m home

♥ This woman is my supermommy ♥

Dearest Mommy

I Love You!

You’re the best mommy in the whole wide world!

May God bless you and keep you safe always, may His light shine upon you, may your life be a reflection of the blessings He has poured on you… 🙂

mother's day_02

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