Skinfood Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask Review

Hello dear readers! Today, I’m gonna talk about a mask which I really loved & went to buy after using the sample pack for the first time! It’s the Skinfood Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask….

It comes in this small jelly-like packaging, probably to avoid it from too much environmental exposure…. So once you’re done with one, then only you open another….


Their Goldkiwi range also has cleanser, toner, serum, emulsions etc, however I didn’t really fancy them as much as i love their mask! The salesgirl told me that I could either use it as a wash off mask or a sleeping mask…. But I’ve never liked sleeping masks as I do turn around when I sleep…. What if all the essence went to my pillow instead of my face? O.o My pillow would then have a softer skin then me…. ==”

So you use a clean spoon (hygienic mah!) or your facial brush to scoop out the content and apply it to your face…. Then you can go & do whatever you need to do like homework, assignments or housechores…. You can even go to sleep already…. XD since you can use it as a sleeping mask, so there is no time limit to hownlong you can leave it on…. But not until 24 hours la…. ==”

If you didn’t finish using that cup, you can tie it with many rubberbands and keep it in the fridge like what I did…. Even better if you keep it in the fridge before using, coz the cold feeling it gives is so nice!

After washing my face, I noticed that my cheeks feels more bouncy! Imagine how hydrated it has become by just applying mask…. Previously I tried other hydrating mask also don’t have such immediate bouncy cheeks effect…. Tell me, how not to fall in love with this mask?! 😀

Have you tried this mask? How did you feel after using it? Do share your experience at the comments below….

you are beautiful if you believe you are ♥

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