5 Beauty Must-Do’s of Mine!

1.Always wash hair after a whole day

You know how everyone has their own preferred time on when to wash their hair, some prefer in the morning before going out, some  prefer after coming back from outside, while some prefer to wash twice (IMHO, this is too much washing which could dry out the hair).

For me, I choose to wash my hair after a whole day. Why? You ask. While being outside, your hair is exposed to dust, dirty, smell, smoke and what not’s. plus with all the sweat (sensible/insensible) you produce throughout the day, your hair would be full of grease and dirt. Going to sleep at the end of the day without washing hair is like going to bed without bathing. Even if you stay home all day, cooking and sweating alone can make your hair dirty enough. Imagine all that dirt accumulates on your pillow, and your clean face touches the pillow. :O

2. Must apply hair oil before leaving house and after washing hair

Keeping long hair is not an easy task. To prevent it from tangles, split ends and to keep it healthy, one must nourish their hair well like how you take care of your skin. I have oily scalp yet dry split ends so I would only apply hair oil to the ends of my hair, carefully avoiding the roots. The benefits? It keeps my hair tangle free, well-nourished and appears healthy. ^^

Currently I’m using JS Exclusive 3D Oil for straight hair and coloured dry hair(No. 1) before leaving home and after washing my hair.

At the same time I’m using Secretleaf Organic Argan Oil which I previously mentioned here at night before sleeping.P1040952

Since I began to apply hair oil daily, I noticed my hair seems to be growing faster too…. ;D

3. Always scrub before doing mask

Scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells & clear our clogged pores. We are also recommended to scrub at least once or twice a week, and even every day for gentler scrubs.

This Skinfood Black Sugar Mask scrub is my all time favourite, I shall write a review on it in the future…. 😉


As for exfoliator, I’m currently using Nanowhite Polishing Exfoliator


At the same time, there are a myriad of masks to choose, from hydrating to whitening, from pore refining to oil control. Any girl on a mission to take the best care of her skin would be well versed with these 2, but not all realized that scrubbing before doing a mask can make a difference. If we do not clear off dead skin cells and unclog our pores prior to applying a mask, the mask would just end up on the dead layer, sebum and dirt. That is why I always make sure I exfoliate or scrub before I apply my mask. This allows the mask to whiten, hydrate or whatever on the correct layer of skin. Besides, if you are using a pore refining mask, wouldn’t it be logical to clear off the clogged pores so that the pore can be refined? Hahaha….

4. Always air dry after a hair wash unless absolutely necessary

As I have mentioned above, my hair is rather dry & splits at the ends. So I never resort to using hair dryer to dry my hair, more so if its daily. I would use my towel to squeeze dry as much water out until it no longer drips and then let it air dry. But as with all Asian parents, my mom always nags me about keeping my hair wet, as it is believed that a wet hair could lead to headache and other joint/muscle ailments when I am old. Even if I have to sleep, I will just flip my hair over the pillow and let the fan blow it dry while I sleep…. Hahaha…. But there’s another myth to it, some say it attracts lice…. ==”

But a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep her hair healthy…. I won’t say I totally don’t use heat, I do…. On special occasions, events or dinners, I would heat curl my hair, blow dry if needed, but I would use heat protectant of course!

5. Always clean make up thoroughly, scrub and give skin extra pampering session

Make up is something I do also when there is a need, like special occasions, dinners etc. I don’t do make ups when I go for classes or just simple grocery shopping. Reason? Make ups can clog up your pores. In fact, the more you try to cover your bad skin, the worse it becomes. So whenever I make up, I make sure I clean them out thoroughly no matter what time I reach home. I would make myself sit in front of the mirror and slowly remove all traces of make up until the cotton pad comes back clean white after swiping my skin.

After that I would scrub to make sure no residue is left in the pores followed by a minimum of 2 masks. This is the second reason why I don’t do make ups on a regular basis, it would take me 2 hours/day to get all that done…. @@ and for all girls who do make up every day, all the more you need to ensure your make up is properly & completely removed and your tools are always clean & hygienic to prevent unwanted breakouts on your face…. 😀

so these are my 5 beauty must-do’s…. 😀 do you practice these too? do you have your own beauty must-do’s too? comment below and let me know! 🙂

disclaimer: all those pictures without this blog’s watermark belongs to their respective owners (or links)

♥ you are beautiful


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