Wool Felting, My New Hobby!!

So I’ve just recently found out about a new witchcraft, and yeah, by blogging about it, it means it’s got my attention! 😀 It’s called wool felting…. Just by using unspun wool, a barb needle and a foam pad, you can create cute sculptures without any sewing required!

Have I gotten your attention? hahaha….

But before committing into a new craft, I had thought long and hard about it…. Wool felting is very new and almost unheard of in Malaysia, but it seems to be quite popular overseas especially Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan…. So supplies are hard to get, therefore expensive! How not to think long and hard? ><

Besides, I do not have much creativity cells in me…. *sad face*

So few weeks back, I received my super duper early birthday parcel from someone!  ^^ The stuffs were bought from Nekomeow~~ She even has a website sharing her creations here….


Here’s some stuffs nicely packed individually….


I had no prior idea on what would I wanna create, so going with multiple colours is the best choice! ^^


Here are some tools, the needle, some eyes…. and also some clips, pins etc were given as free gifts to start up on my craftiness! Thank you nekomeow!


Well, I even got a DIY kit with instructions to well, try out 1 with guidance before actually venturing blindly….


Wool felting is simple in a sense that you just need to stab stab stab the wool to form shapes, yet difficult in a sense that its very time consuming and requires a lot of creativity juice flowing!

Imagine me sitting in a dark room, with only a candle lighting my face…. Gosh, I’d look like I’m stabbing a voodoo doll…. Xb

But a word of caution, NEVER do it when you are preoccupied or angry, coz you’d only end up stabbing yourself…. ><

Shall share with you pictures of my craftwork soon…. 🙂 Till then, take care!

♥ enjoy


🙂  They even have an app which you can download from Google play store or Apple apps store ^^ It allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and get updates all from there!

3 thoughts on “Wool Felting, My New Hobby!!

  1. Thankss again for your sharing!!
    Happy Birthday to you!! (belated >_<)
    Enjoy your witchcraft oops~ wool felting
    & looking forward to see your creation ya~!
    nekomeow~~ ❤ ^_^

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