Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion Review

Remember I blogged about buying a beauty box just not long ago? Today I shall be reviewing about the Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion, as I think I have my opinion set on it already…. you must be thinking, is it a good or bad opinion…. Hahaha….


Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract to fight against melanin and reduce the appearance of spots, improve skin tone and keep your skin smooth and delicate. Vitamin B5 can repair skin cells and structure and facilitate the process of skin renewal. Aloe Barbadenis aleaf Juice has an excellent moisturising and whitening effect and is rich in amino acids and microelements, which can energise skin structure and leave your skin bright and fair.

Ok, so lets start from the outside in! Because first impressions are very important especially when you wanna attract attention, no?

So the bottle has Beautymate’s trademark blue shiny cap and semi-transparent glass body…. The good? It gives a ‘high class’ feeling to the product…. Also, you can see how much product is left inside and be able to plan your next purchase (probably to coincide with the coming SALE? XD) because being a glass bottle, the weight can’t really tell you exactly how much is left in the bottle if it were a fully opaque glass bottle…. The bad? It is not suitable for butter fingers like me (blur too! I must add)…. And added with the cap which only relies on vacuum suction with no lock, the bottle slipped my hands whenever I pick it up, countless of times giving my heart a skip beat each time it happens! Thank goodness the only injury it got was a broken neck (as seen in the next picture) and not a shattered body…. They should add a lock to the cap imho….

Now to the contents…. The liquid is white and semi watery…. I love the smell! It gives a nice sweet but not choking kind of girly smell…. For me, not choking is a huge plus point because my nose tends to disapprove strong, choking smells…. Upon application, it absorbs quite readily because of the watery consistency…. However as with lotions, you still get hardened bits stuck at the opening of the nozzle coming out like toothpaste the next time u press the pump…. But its not that bad to give a minus tho…. 😀

How did it work for me? In all things, there is the good and there is the bad…. So lets start with the good 🙂 Honestly, I liked the fact that after applying it, my face was much less oily throughout the day till I reach home…. And it did brighten up my face somewhat after a month of using it…. The problem is that I noticed my skin started to break out more often…. At first I attributed that to the hot weather or that it was nearing that time of the month…. Despite drinking more water and bidding goodbye to my ‘best friend’s’ monthly visit, I still continued popping zits everywhere! I was in a state of horror that my skin was returning to my puberty stage….

Then I stumbled upon this article by My Women Stuff, to ALWAYS listen to your skin! Thank God for it! That was when I decided to stop using it for a while to see if the breakouts will tame down…. Surprisingly, after 1 week away from the lotion, my skin is slowly forgiving me…. >.< I did sat down to ponder but came to no conclusion, what had caused my skin to disagree with Beautymate’s lotion? I sure loved the fact it helps my skin to be less oily, but my skin seems to have begged to differ…. I guess it is true that not every product will suit everybody’s skin well….

Being a person who doesn’t wanna waste, I now use it literally as a lotion, for my legs…. Because I still love the smell and texture…. It also keeps my legs feeling smooth….

Likes: packaging looks good, loved the texture, smells nice & soothing to the nose, does make my skin look brighter and feels smoother

Dislikes: the cap lacks a locking mechanism, not suitable for overly clumsy people like me, and my skin seems to disagree with it

On the side note, when I got my Mivva box in March, the lotion had an expiry date on August 2013! I know these sort of things are not under Mivva’s control thus I do not blame them…. But this is something I’m not very pleased about Beautymate’s marketing department (or whichever department that handles these stuffs)! Despite us girls buying a beauty box which we get many products for just a fraction of the price, giving us a product which has only 4 months left to use is not something very professional to do imho…. It appears more like you were trying to dispose off soon to expire goods and this was the perfect avenue for you….

That aside, have you tried Beautymate’s range before? What are your thoughts on Beautymate’s products? Leave your comments below!

♥ Monday blues away~~


🙂 They even have an app which you can download from Google play store or Apple apps store ^^ It allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and get updates all from there!

3 thoughts on “Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion Review

  1. Thank you for the detailed review as my skin normally does not have adverse effects from using any kind of skincare, but I have recently discovered that milky lotions cause me to break out.

    So, your review has made me think twice , as this is a milky lotion and it made you break out so I think I will not be purchasing in fear of it doing the same. Thank you!

  2. Yes, its always best to listen to our skin…. But sometimes it may be environmental factor where it is during a stressful time that you decided to try a new product (unlucky product… Haha…)
    Reviews are just references for us…. Coz everybody’s skin is different, so person A may say xxx product is suitable, but person B may say xxx product is not suitable…. Its great that you have found what suits your skin… 🙂

  3. That’s very true! I think your reviews are great, but if possible, when you make a review would you be able to post what the ingredients are? A lot of the time some ingredients are make or break for me so it would be good to be able to know, as I buy quite a lot online so it’s difficult to find the ingredient list (sometimes I can spend about an hour before finding out what the ingredients are for just one product! haha)

    But I do know that sometimes you might not be able to read what’s on the packaging because it is in a different language, so that’ll be understandable. 🙂

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