To My Superdaddy

This is to the man whom

I look up to, respect, adore and love my whole life

He may not have a lot of money, but he has a lot of love showering me

He may not be able to solve all my problems, but he is always praying for me

He may not buy every wants I desire, but he provides my needs to his best

He may scream at me when I misbehave, but he also gives me good advices

He may seem serious with my studies and future, but he also plays games and toys with me

He may already have a full stomach, but he always helps me to finish my leftover food

He may not be a world famous chef, but he knows best how to cook my favourite dishes

He may always be teasing me, but he always catches those pesky insects I fear so much

He may not be the holiest christian (nobody is), but he makes the effort to draw me closer to God

He is my personal driver

He is my chef

He is my plumber

He is my insect buster

He is my childhood hero

He is my superdad

May you have a Blessed Father’s Day!!

To the best daddy in the world, I Love you!!

May God’s blessing and light continue to pour on you, may your life continue to show the grace and mercy He so richly give to you… 🙂

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