Nature & Co. Vital Purity Lift Mask Review

So previously I mentioned about buying some beauty items from, and we could choose some free samples to come along with our purchases….

Try to spot the mask inside my box! 😀


 Few weeks (or was it months? hahaha!) back, I tried the Nature & Co. Vital Purity Lift Mask and I must say, I’m quite fond of that mask…. 🙂 Nature & Co. is under the umbrella of 1 of Japan’s cosmetic giant Kosé, running an organic line…

With a small sample pack like this, and also a small face (chey, self-praise), I managed to use the mask 4 times! This is such a huge bargain compared to many sample packs which I have tried before, they only give enough for 1 or 2 applications…. How can a consumer determined if your product is good for them and it is worth buying if they have only tried once? Right? Right?

Ok, so back to the Vital Purity Lift Mask… It is a clay mask, so when you apply it on your face, it hardens after awhile…. It would have been better if there was some sort of brochure or instructions coming together with the mask though, especially for people who are exposed to this mask for the 1st time…. I was wondering if it was a wash-off or peel off mask! Blur me…. Hahahahahaha….

Here’s how the consistency looks like when squeezed from the sachet… it’s not too thick, glides onto the skin quite easily because of it’s rather thin consistency…. But you’ll need to layer it properly to have a good coverage…

Oh! Another important point why a brochure is needed is so that the product can be introduced…. Just by looking at the sachet, I was wondering what will it do to my face? Or what ingredient does it contain? This is important for people with allergies…. Despite internet being readily available, many girls become like small children when they receive free gifts, especially beauty products! So we tend to become over-excited that we want to try it out ASAP…. XD

So I ended up using it before searching the internet about it…. :p Well, in a way, you don’t know what to expect from a product, and your expectations won’t be that high…. Lazy+busy me only searched about this mask AFTER I finished the whole packet…. Hahaha….

They claim to be able to tightens pores and smoothens skin texture (not sure if my pores were tightened, but I do feel a firmer skin after washing off the mask), the mask also has this cool-feeling when applying it, even when it is in room temperature…. Imagine if it was stored in a fridge…. Xb

According to HiShop’s website, the mask is to be left on for 5 minutes before washing off, but I like to leave my mask on longer, at the same time doing other chores/work…. I actually left mine on for like 15-20 minutes, and the cool sensation stayed…. yay! Good to use during hot weather….

Here’s how it looks on your skin.… But oops! I forgot to take a before and after pics.… :p

Another thing I like about this mask is that it does not have too strong a perfume/fragrant smell, instead it has a herb-ish kind of smell…. too much of fragrance is not good for our skin…. And unlike other clay masks which I have tried (not that I’ve tried a lot tho), it was easy to wash off, no rubbing required! Just continuously splash your face with cold water and it will slowly rinse the mask off, leaving a soft & supple skin… 😀

Will I buy this mask? Oh yes! But after I have finished the tonnes of other masks I have on my table currently…. Or else I’ll just end up hording more masks… :O but if there are any kind-hearted people, I don’t mind a wonderful gift… :p It costs RM88.90 in for a 140ml and it comes in a jar…. A mask in a jar is something I’m not very fond of, but sadly most masks I used come in a jar…. >.<

Have you tried this mask? Are you also a mask freak like me? What other masks have you tried that works for you as it claims? Do share below at the comments…. 🙂

♥ beauty mask ftw!

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