Day 14: Appreciating Little Things In Life

So, it has been 2 weeks…. How am I coping? I would say, borderline…. hahaha…. I’m able to handle, but at times I just feel vulnerable….

I have essentially been a loner kind of person (I guess…) So staying alone wasn’t that bad as I had imagine it to be… In fact, I occasionally enjoy the solitary-ness, sitting there, thinking to myself or just plain lazing there….

That said, I still do miss the company of friends, and more so my loved ones…. It is during times when I miss them more than usual that I become vulnerable, allowing myself a few minutes of hearty cry, wipe out those tears and continue on….

I must say that this experience so far has gotten me to realise many things…. I learn to appreciate absences of people who mean to me…. I learn to lean on God for support…. I learn that there are people out there who cares for me…. I learn that staying back isn’t a 100% bad thing…. I learn to push negativity away by forcing myself to see things positively….

I’m sure the Lord has this planned out for me for some purpose which I cannot comprehend, but I once heard someone said that “He will never put you through obstacles if He knows you cannot overcome it and come out stronger. All you need to do is rely on Him.” and I have been replaying this in my mind whenever I doubt myself….

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein

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