Day 19: Of Cockroaches and Exercise

Today started off on a bad foot…. All thanks to my biggest nemesis…. It was a relative of these 3…. Granted that it was not as cute, but thank goodness there was only 1, and it was not as annoying/mischievous as them!!

image credit to Google Images

Usually when I see one, my immediate reaction will be to scream for help while I run away to safer grounds…. Lest it decides to fly towards me…. I must say, the scariest of them all are the flying ones! >.< Living so high up, with all windows closed, I had no idea how it even enter!

But not today…. Being alone at that time, I had no one to scream for help…. Despite the panic attack going on with all the palpitations, tremours, increased breathing drama going on, I went for the aerosol and gas it…. Thank goodness it does not fly!! While it was staggering in futile efforts trying to escape, it had the cheek to poo on my floor! The nerve! Finally after it fainted, I sweep it up with a broom and dustpan, and send it falling out the window! Muahahahahaha….

At the end of it, my room was filled with aerosol smell, even my body (just before I was to leave for class… fml) and I was few minutes late…. Not to mention the irritation my nose and throat was feeling for a few hours…. I don’t even understand why they existed…. @_@

You would think that after today, I would be braver, but no…. If there is anyone near me, tqvm, please destroy it for me while I seek safety…. I only force myself to be strong if i’m alone…. Who doesn’t? hahaha….

So how did the rest of my day went? It improved after that…. I was able to answer some questions asked by Le lecturer, which boost my self-confidence, somewhat…. To some of you, this may seem like something minute or nothing to feel good about, but at times like these, it means a lot to me….

Also probably with the fact that I have been regularly exercising for the past 2 weeks, now entering my 3rd week, I guess my mood is somewhat more stabilised due to the “feel good hormones” endorphins?? Previously my mood would remain moody the whole day if the day started wrongly…. Well, I hope positive changes will continue, afterall isn’t what this experience is trying teach and train me about? 🙂

See, exercise isn’t only for those people who want to lose weight… Its also for those who want to gain weight, who want to feel good about their body, who want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle…. Basically for anyone and everyone who WANTS to exercise!

image credit to Google Images

As long as your motivation and objectives comes from you and for you alone (nope, not from your crush or because you want to stopped being teased or you want to keep your SO’s attention)… It has to come from your own desire and from your own self…. And surely not because everyone is doing it or you decided out of impulsive wimp….

Not just exercise, but anything you wish to persue or do…. At times, I feel so lazy to actually continue exercising, but so far (touch wood!) I still manage to persist on…. Basically because I wanted to feel good about myself, I wanted to improve my lifestyle, because I’ve been feeling like I have been living an unproductive, aimless lifestyle…. >.< You don’t have to go all the way to the gym or enrol into a class to exercise you know… There are plenty of exercises which in fact you can search on Youtube and do in the comforts of your small room, which was what I have been doing…. So no excuses of “I’m shy to exercise in public”

With busy lifestyles people live now, many would say that “Oh, I am so busy everyday that I do not have time to exercise”…. But think of it, you have time for drinking sessions with friends, movies, tv programs etc, but if you really want to exercise, you would find time…. In fact, you could even exercise while watching tv, in a queue, in a jam (not your legs, just your hands :p) When there’s a will, there’s a way….

Previously, my mom was into yoga, and back then, I was a 100% couch potato…. One day, I happen to walk into my parents room while my mom was doing her yoga and I commented that she was even more flexible than I was! Granted, I envied her flexibility…. But that wasn’t motivational enough for me to exercise because it didn’t come from me or for me…. And mind you, my mom’s job requires her to run 2 companies, sometimes working till 10pm and still bringing work home to do…. But she still made time for exercise (and her tv serials!) because she wanted to, for her ownself….

So are you exercising? If you are, what motivated you to exercise? If you aren’t, what is stopping you?

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale

On a side note, anyone else here used to watch Oggy and the Cockroaches and still enjoys them? 😀

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