Introducing My Little Monster

Hey boys & girls! If you have been following my blog for some time, you’d notice that I have once a while mentioned about my little puppy…. I’ve never officially introduced her, so today’s entry will be all about her…. And fret not, she will continue to make appearances in the future! 😀 I was contemplating between Robin (from One Piece, a Japanese anime) and Om Nom (the green monster from Cut the Rope), and decided to name her Om Nom!

If you all followed me since the beginning of the blog, or if you did read back on my old posts, you would know that I used to have another Maltese puppy named Seraph. She passed away when she was 10 months old, and you would know that I stopped blogging for a long while before returning….

So how did I got my new girl? 1 day Seraph’s breeder asked if I was ready for a new puppy…. He felt that he needed to replace another puppy for me…. TBH, I was not very pleased when I found out my girl has and overshot jaw where her upper jaw is longer than the lower jaw, and I still had to fork out a bit of money for the paperworks etc….

This is how an overshot looks…. (image credits to Google Images)

Even till now, she has problems containing her saliva inside her mouth, where every time I clean her up, her face gets wet and dirty almost the instance I put her back on the floor to play… And each time she eats, I get so worried as she seems to easily choke herself (I’m not sure if it has something to do with the structure of her mouth)

Looking at other people’s clean, neat and white Maltese, I really envy them a lot…. And due to her problem, I’m unable to keep her in full coat as well…. Probably people would misunderstood that I never take a good care of her, allowing her to have such a dirty face….

But the joy and love she gives to me, her naughtiness, playful and active behaviour has led me to love her more each day…. And I must thank Fred for letting me have her…. Her character when compared to Seraph, are totally 2 different opposites but I love them both the same….


I think I have a hidden talent in giving names (ignore the self-praising… Xb) Seraph as her name implies, was a well-behaved, well-mannered girl like an angel…. Om Nom on the other hand is naughty, playful and like a monster…. Xb

I don’t know how I would get through these few weeks without her company…. I pray and hope that we well have many more years ahead together, create more memories together and grow old together…. 🙂

Well, today she turns 1 year old!

Blessed Birthday Om Nom!!

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