Shopping Haul

So last month, I was in KL for a short weekend break…. The parents didn’t know until I was at the doorsteps…. Hahaha! In fact, here’s a funny story…. I called the house phone to get someone to open the door….

Sister: hello?

Me: eh P, open the door….

Sister: oh ok…. *puts down the phone*

I thought to myself…. Um that’s it? You’re not gonna ask who was that in the line? So after a while, I saw my whole family at the door…. I waved vigorously and screamed “Surprise!!”

Later I found out the 2nd half of what happened after my sister put down the phone….

Dad: who was on the phone?

Sister: err, I don’t know…. A girl just asked me to open the door….


That was why the whole family was at the door…. ==”

That aside, after saving up for so long in this small town, all hell broke loose…. I went out on a mini shopping spree with the boyfie…. @@ so in this post, I’m gonna share with you what I bought…. ^^

The last time I had a new handbag was years ago…. So recently, I’ve been looking for a messenger bag that wasn’t in a single colour…. Berjaya Times Square was where I headed to….

I was actually torn between a few bags, but with me being an animal fan, animal prints do hold a plus point….

Owl Print Messenger Bag, from a shop in Berjaya Times Square, RM25blog 03

Oh, and since I was there, I also went over to Lowyat and bought a new casing for my toy…. I had been switching between wallet type, hard casing and silicon casing and still found that I preferred silicon type…. Firstly, the silicon can absorb some shock when there is any accident…. Secondly, I can access my screen without flipping open the casing….

But plain silicon did not attract me at all!! So I just had to go with this silicon+hard cover case…. Hehe…. Oh oh oh! And the blue area glows in the dark too!! The first time we walk pass the stall, the sales guy was like explaining to us about this casing, and how it has a circular stand which you can pull out etc etc and he offered us RM35…. Then we were like, um, we’ll think about it…. His face immediately fell…. As I mentioned earlier, I was still looking for a cartoonish silicon case…. But the second time we walk pass the same stall, he still patiently promote that casing to us…. Hahaha…. More like despo…. We haggled for RM30, throw in some girly puppy eyes…. Yes! That RM5 that I saved was used to buy a really cute t-shirt that was exactly RM5!! Sadly I forgot to snap a pic of it… ><

Minion Glow in the Dark Case, from a shop in Lowyat, RM3020130916_211919

The rest of the day was more of like walking around for food and to look for boyfie’s jacket…. Until when we were on our way to the train station, we saw that the stall selling masks was still opened…. Earlier I wasn’t sure if I wanna buy or not…. I’ve never heard of the brand before, but they were selling really cheap at RM1 per piece of mask pack!! They have hair masks, mask sheets and peel-off masks etc….

SÁVEE mask sheets RM1 per packet


You wonder, what ran through my mind?? “Mask sheets you know!!” In the end I bought 9 mask sheets and 1 hair mask…. So far I have tried the hair mask and 2 of the mask sheets…. I like the hair mask, it kept my hair smooth for about 4-5 days…. But I can’t say much about the mask sheets since you can’t really tell the effect by just 1 application…. It won’t be a fair judgement…. However, so far my face is accepting it la…. No serious breakouts yet…. There are 2 kinds of sheets….

This packaging contains just the usual mask sheet…. As usual, the mask fits poorly to my face…. I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever find a mask sheet that will fit perfectly…. Have you??blog 01

This packaging has mask sheets which has ear hooks and an adjacent piece which covers your lower jaw and hooks to your ears too…. The hooks were slightly too tight for me, so I suppose those with bigger faces will have a painful ear after that…. blog 04

This is the hair mask…. The smell and colour reminds me of my Skinfood Acorn Jelly mask….blog 02

Another day I went elsewhere and bought a Skinfood Peach Sake toner…. I was actually just looking for any toner, preferably something that can reduce pore size and control oil, and not to mention affordable….

Skinfood Peach Sake Toner (can’t remember price :p)


So that’s all about my mini haul during my trip back to KL some weeks back…. ;p I’m working on another cooking post, so stay tuned!

♥ stay happy and healthy

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