Where is Your Money Going?

Lets put the world of pets on a colour scale of Green to Red

On the Green end, people are spending their time, money & energy to save strays & abandoned pets… You have fosterers, shelters, rescuers and volunteers… All of them basically help these poor helpless pets with no interest of profits (at least most) or whatsover… Besides juggling their own personal life, they put out extra efforts to care for another helpless life…

On the Red end, people are producing more pets to sell like factory products… They have no regards for any other life (except their own family, perhaps?), bitches are for giving birth and studs are for impregnating them… To them, the less space these “machines” take up, the more they can fit in to a certain amount of space, at the same time the more produce can be obtained to earn the maximum profits…

Then u have the in-betweens, people who can spend thousands to just randomly buy from petshops just coz they saw the cute fella at the window without bothering to even use the internet to search about the pet, about the seller, about responsibilities, about local council regulations, about basic knowledge first… Yes, I’ve seen people posting on the internet (ironically, wtf) asking how to bathe my dog, how to feed my cat etc…

At the end of the day, u will see some people cursing the seller on internet (how ironic!) for selling them sick pets, blaming their condo for forcing them to give up their pets, lamenting that their neighbours lodge a complain against them for keeping pets when they don’t even know the basics of training & care etc etc…

So the in-betweens give their money often in impulse and very much willingly to the Red ends, while the Green ends are picking up the shit the in-betweens throw out… And yet the in-betweens find is oh-so-hard to aid the Green ends, be it financially or giving their time…

There are many local shelters which are no-kill and are in a very financially & manpower strained condition. Just go and have a look at how their daily activities are like, how they cope with so little help but so many lives to save…

Penang Animal Welfare Society
Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

This 2 mentioned are just the few examples of such shelters… There are many other independent rescuers, volunteers, fosterers out there who cannot change the lives of pets in this country on their own if the in-betweens continue to be ignorant and the Red ends continue to churn more produce to supply the demands by the in-betweens!

Is your money going to the right places?

I guess this is something to ponder about…

♥ love life

p/s: I do not condemn those who breed responsibly (ie. breeding pairs have undergone confirmation competitions, health checks, well taken cared as a part of family, only focuses on 1 breed or the most 2 breeds)… Or else the pure breeds would be extinct as well…

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