About Me

My blog persona is Seraph, named after my late-daughter….

I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My personality? I would say that I’m quite shy and aloof on the first few meetings, I think many people are 😀 I will warm up and talk more once you get to know me better? I’m quite a procrastinator too…. >.<

I love pink, white, cuteness, fluffy stuffs, animals, playing games, Winnie the Pooh, Forever Friends Bear, swimming, sleeping, shopping, watching tv drama, trying out new recipes and last but not least, my family!

About This Blog

I started re-blogging again because there were some days where I had so much to say but no suitable outlet…. So one day i just came back here and started typing away again….

Previously, this blog was made for my little girl (hence the name), but now, I use it to share my thoughts and views…. Details can be found here…. 😉

So what exactly do I write about? I don’t have a particular niche that I write about, I prefer not to be restricted in that sense…. I can write about beauty reviews & tips, recipes or food, daily/not-so-daily life, pet-related stuffs and basically anything that tickles me….

Lets start with the tabs available in this blog…. Well, you know ‘About’…. Then there is ‘Birthday Calendar’ where you all can share your birthday with me and I shall post a cute ticker and I will write a birthday meesage to you on your birthday, head over there for more details 😀 ‘Seraph~ our resident angel’ is dedicated to the real Seraph for you all to know more about her…. 🙂

I try to keep the categories in this blog simple…. Stories are basically my random ramblings, Quickies are for short quirky updates, Reviews are quite self explanatory right? Haha….

And Saturday Dogtube is a regular & random posting of videos I’ve seen in Youtube which I found cute/interesting and I had to share with you all…. Saturday because its a day of relaxing, dog well because I relax with my doggie watching Youtube…. Xb

Review Disclaimer

All review opinions expressed on this blog are my own. Unless otherwise specified, all products featured and/or reviewed on this blog were purchased with my own money. My reviews are always honest and unbiased. However do take note that every product may not suit every skin. What I am sharing here is based on what reaction my skin gave. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email below.

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For any suggestions, questions, enquiries, or just to say hi!

You can get me at maltese.D.seraph[at]gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi seraph..i am lynn from kl, currently working in k.trengganu..need ur help if u know where i could purchase the snail street cream in tgnu perhaps..you can email me at lyne3012@gmail.com..tq..xx

  2. Hi lynn 🙂 i bought the snail street cream online from HiShop…. They do deliver for free if you purchase above rm50…. Dont think its available in any stores, havent seen one….

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