Where is Your Money Going?

Lets put the world of pets on a colour scale of Green to Red

On the Green end, people are spending their time, money & energy to save strays & abandoned pets… You have fosterers, shelters, rescuers and volunteers… All of them basically help these poor helpless pets with no interest of profits (at least most) or whatsover… Besides juggling their own personal life, they put out extra efforts to care for another helpless life…

On the Red end, people are producing more pets to sell like factory products… They have no regards for any other life (except their own family, perhaps?), bitches are for giving birth and studs are for impregnating them… To them, the less space these “machines” take up, the more they can fit in to a certain amount of space, at the same time the more produce can be obtained to earn the maximum profits…

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Introducing My Little Monster

Hey boys & girls! If you have been following my blog for some time, you’d notice that I have once a while mentioned about my little puppy…. I’ve never officially introduced her, so today’s entry will be all about her…. And fret not, she will continue to make appearances in the future! 😀 I was contemplating between Robin (from One Piece, a Japanese anime) and Om Nom (the green monster from Cut the Rope), and decided to name her Om Nom!

If you all followed me since the beginning of the blog, or if you did read back on my old posts, you would know that I used to have another Maltese puppy named Seraph. She passed away when she was 10 months old, and you would know that I stopped blogging for a long while before returning….

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Hello peeps…. Mommy has just finished her exams and now has more time to spend with me! We’re back in grandpa & grandma’s place which means more attention given to me as well….

Can life be any better…. Aahhhh~~~~ 🙂

Last Wednesday, mommy took me to the vet to have my very-annoying-naughty deciduous teeth removed as they have obstructed the growth of my permanent set of teeth, resulting them being off alignment already…. 😥

Apparently they put me on general anesthesia and got going with the procedure while mommy waited anxiously outside (or so she said…. :p) It took me another half an hour after the procedure was done before I began to wake up from my deep slumber…. After that another half an hour while I groggily swing my head left & right, screaming in pain…. Only after the vet certified that it was safe for me to be on a car ride then mommy carried me to the car….

Mommy being the always-blur-and-forgetful mommy, she didn’t snap pictures of my removed teeth nor did she ask from the vet for them…. >.< So I’m so sorry dear doggypals, I don’t have any pictures to show….

Now after every meal twice a day I’m being forced to take antibiotics until it finishes…. yuck!

For some time I thought mommy would cancel my gathering appointment on Saturday so I forced myself to be well before Friday night so that she would go on with the plan….

Well, Saturday is another story to share! Whenever mommy puts on a beautiful ribbon/clip on my head, it means I’m going some place where I’ll be the centre of attraction! Mommy took me to the FCI & AKU International Show March 2011 organised by MKA which ran for 2 days, but we only went on Saturday. All kinds of dogs were there, even my kind…. But I couldn’t go near them as they were being prepared for show with their prim & proper long straight silky hair…. Besides, I don’t dare to go near them either….

We left before the show ended as we have another event to attend…. Doggy Gathering! Organised by HomeAPet Forum…. We met up in Desa ParkCity’s park, a beautiful-dog-friendly park…. And yes! U guess it right! Mommy never take any pictures AGAIN!! I think I need to give mommy a nip on her toes the next time she forgets…. Now we shall wait for Tum & Jas’s mommy to upload pictures before I can provide a link for you guys to see….

The only picture I got is how I looked on that day….

At the beginning, I dare not walk as I was feeling rather intimidated by the amount of humans & dogs around the park! But mommy “dragged’ me along and I soon began to walk carefreely, sometimes even in front of mommy! XD

I’m so looking forward to the next gathering! Heehee!

Sniff Sniff ♥

Learning to Make New Pals….

I meant to post this earlier but I was feeling the puppy laziness syndrome lately…. Besides, internet here is extremely horrendously bad!

Last weekend mommy brought me to a friend’s petshop to mingle with their maltese there…. Me being me, I was absolutely timid, not daring to join them in their adventures…. They came to sniff me but soon find me a boring furball….

Besides, the maltese there were all older than me other than 1 puppy who is elder by a month or so…. Those old ladies wouldn’t be interested in pesky puppies like me i suppose….

Angel was the alpha there, holding her head up high…. What an aura…. I felt so intimidated!

Fortune was kinda aloof but she enjoys attention once a while….

Baby stayed with mommy for a week once, so she was excited to meet mommy again…. Stepping all over me as she tries to get close to MY mommy!

Kasumi is the puppy I mentioned…. She is the direct opposite of me…. Fear for humans, not dogs!

Mommy kept urging me to join them but I was more interested in finding comfort zone…. At the end of the session, mommy said she would try to bring me out to meet more doggy pals often…. Imagine the shock I recieved from hearing that!

There was also a kitten running around there…. See what she tried to do to my bag!

And if you’re wondering whether did it succeed, yes it did! It snuggled up inside my bag until mommy carried it out….

♥ Waggy Tails

Happy Rabbit Year!

Hello pooches! I know I haven’t been very barky with my posts and not consistent in my Saturday Dogtube. Blame the internet…. I think these internet companies should be given to us dogs to handle. We can send better transmissions to a wider radius via our bark…. XP Anyway….

Happy Bunny Chinese New Year!

I’m finally back from my CNY holiday…. This time, mommy brought me along because it is a local trip by car…. And guess what?! I had a whole seat in the car to myself instead on sitting on mommy’s lap….

So where did I go? To Penang! My hometown…. woof! Of course I had to hide quietly in the bag while we travel from the car to the hotel room…. Mommy set up a little area with all my belongings to make me feel more at home, but it didn’t do the trick! I get anxious whenever I see mommy touching my pink bag that I’d quickly scramble in.

So I was amusing mommy’s relatives with my scramble antics whenever mommy reaches for my bag and says “bye bye”! They find it cute while I found it rather heart popping! Come on, mommy was threatening to leave me there! >.<

Seraph, you may be a naughty devil at times but mommy won’t leave you ok? By the way, you hop like a bunny more than walk like a dog…. XD

Mommy even made grandparents to squeeze some time for me to get my monthly grooming+treatment done by my dad’s owner (Kinzonu), which of course dad wasn’t too pleased to see me and kept barking…. I wonder if he ever knew I was his daughter…. hmm…. Mom’s owner came to see me too! You must be wondering, why can’t wait till I’m back home? Coz mommy loves the results from Kinzonu’s work, besides, he’s experience with us maltese…. 😀

On a separate note, dad just fathered 4 puppies from a different female, so technically they are my half siblings. 2 have already been booked and there are 2 more males. Are you or anybody you know that are interested in getting a maltese puppy? Dad is a Mal Ch ya know!

Here’s the Fb link of the puppies’ album…. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1173090095&aid=2102094

But make sure you have read and understood us Maltese before you decide to get a cute face like me. Mommy says it is hard work, added with the fact that we are all white! And they are my half siblings, I would want them to have a good life too….

Toodles and Poodles…. ♥

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Mommy: If I feed you human food, I will never hope to see you eat your kibbles ever again….

Seraph: What logic is this??

Mommy: Mommy’s logic of course…. Well, at least you wern’t left alone at home for such a long time….

Seraph: Was I there just for entertainment?? Urgh!


Luckily, mommy’s friends happen to appear at the shop and they were all fascinated with me…. Muahaha…. All of them were busy over me and not mommy…. XD Even the shop’s boss was trying to get my attention…. heehee….

Mommy and her housemates where so hungry that when the food was all cooked, they were ready to gobble down (opps…. I just made mommy sound hideous…. *run & hide*) that they forgot to take pictures of untouched food!!

First to went in were the meat & seafood stuffs, followed by softer stuffs like mushroom, toufu etc…. After all that was done, in went the vegies, followed by noodles and eggs….

Well, they finally remembered to take pictures after eating though…. =.=

look at their contented faces…. and…. compare with the following….

see how bored Her Highness is???? O.o

I’m so glad we’re back home…. ^^

p/s: Sorry I missed the last Saturday Dogtube, mommy was busy so I had no chance to use the laptop….

pp/s: Mommy just ranted to me that she is already hungry AGAIN! *Seraph shall faint here*

XOXO ♥ Seraph

My teeeeth…. T.T

According to mommy, I’m going through a phase of changing my baby teeth to adult sets…. She found some of my front teeth missing from place that day when she checked my mouth….

Mommy said I swallowed them…. O.o Will the top of my head suddenly grow out a tooth tree?? Oh no….

My teeth are so small that no wonder I didn’t feel anything if I really swallowed them…. I hope my new set of teeth would grow out nicely…. 🙂

Mommy has been telling me bedtime stories of her trip to Phuket to me…. She wished international trips could allow dogs as cute as me to fly, but unfortunately, this is not possible due to quarantine regulations…. As promised, I shall share a summary here….

On Day 1, nothing much was done, just checking in and resting. When they decided to go out to town for lunch, they saw someone walking a drenched Golden Retriever out from the path which leads to the beach…. Oh that lucky goldie had a swim in the sea! At night, they went to watch a Thai cultural show at Phuket FantaSea and mommy told me there were many elephants there…. I wonder what is that…. From mommy’s description, I think I’d freak out when I see a real elephant….

In FantaSea, things were rather well organised…. The tickets can be bought for show only, buffet only or both at a special price…. The buffet restaurant is really grand and seats 4000 people…. Each table is numbered so that everyone will have their seat!

This is just part of the restaurant…. Which according to mommy don’t do justice to the whole setting….

Even entering for the cultural show, cameras and video recorders will be kept in a black bag by the counter staffs and after the show, collection is done very systematically and quickly…. Oh don’t care about having so much elephants there, I’m itching to goooo….

On Day 2, mommy, grandpa & grandma went for an island hopping tour to Phang Nga Bay. They canoed, ate on board the ship, sat on something called a long-tail boat etc

Here are some mid-sea pictures….

The islands come in all shapes and sizes…. Cute! but me cuter! ^^

Look! Hidden shores!

these canoes reminds me of my past dogtube video…. “Bananaa?” XD

They didn’t do much on Day 3, just shopping for souveniers and oooh! they went to watch a rather interesting show! In Phuket it is called Simon Cabaret. The main peformers are known as ladyboys, which are males who are in the process of converting to females…. Mommy envied their beauty as some of them looked so pretty and feminine (except the voice part, no offence of course!)…. and they could dance very well….

“Yawn….” I think I wanna get my nap now…. I look so weird with some of my teeth missing…. Sobs….

butt-face from Seraph ♥

Hormones?? What’s that??

Mommy has been complaining that she feels jealous….

OF WHAT?? I looked at her surprised….

And she kept on saying that it shows that my hormones are normal and working well….


So I decided to investigate till I find the roots….

Turns out she noticed that I have the tendency to stick to the male species….

For eg. daddy, grandpa, my breeder….

But mommy…. Although I may be rebellious at times, or a pain in the butt (or fingers literally)….

I LOVE YOU the best ok? licks licks….

Btw, mommy has been bringing me for walks around the neighbourhood and I’m beginning to enjoy them more and more…. It’s a fresh sight other than the 4 walls…. Mommy don’t take it wrongly, I don’t mean that I’m bored with you, okies??

I’ll try to be a good girl and eat more of my food if you bring me out for more walks and longer ones, deal??

*saw mommy’s death stare, runs & hides*

♥ Baby Seraph

First Basic Grooming

I was wondering, why mommy didn’t catch me into that red tub for bathing this week…

Grandpa & grandma brought me out for a car ride instead, and later I was reunited with mommy….

Not long after, I realised why! I was left into the hands of some strangers and got what mommy calls it as basic grooming! Eew!

They shaved my belly, paws and butt fur, cut my nails and gave me a bath…. Mommy just double-crossed me!

Anyway, no pictures were taken coz I still look like me, but mommy said the owner of the petshop was rather friendly and taught mommy some stuffs on how to better take care of me…. ngek ngek ngek! ;D

It was just my first visit to that grooming salon, so far so good…. However I had a badie bad tangle at my butt which mommy had to get Aunty G’s help to hold me still while she sort out the tangle…. But I don’t know how is their full grooming skills like though…. Wondering where is it? I manage to steal the name card from mommy’s purse so here you go….

Style Essentials @ Pet Safari Ikano, Mutiara Damansara

Opens from Monday-Sunday; 10am-7pm; Strictly by appointment only

Tel: 03 – 7727 3797

farts and burps ♥

Seraph hearts mommy

lately mommy leaves the house cheerily but she is like so busy and stressed when she arrives home from a place she calls uni…. I wonder what kind of scary place is that…. If I could, I wanna chew off that place so that mommy is always happy 😛

Mommy, Seraph loves you ok? Eventhough I may missed my toilet location at times….

In the mean time, I shall wait next to mommy’s toys books while she “chews” on them…. It’s a rather large one imo…. O.o

It’s larger & heavier than your’s truly you know….

♥ Seraph