What Am I?

I’m a Maltese, not a Shih Tzu

I’m a Maltese, not a Shih Tzu

I’m a Maltese, not a Shih Tzu

I’m a Maltese, not a Shih Tzu


p/s: No offence to my dear fellow Shih Tzus, just getting my point across…. Hehe….


According to Mommy, the more expensive you pay for a dog, the more it will cost in maintenance….

What’s your say??

To put her point, she quoted aunty Piper a Basset Hound….

She’s was bought more expensive than uncle Levi who also is a Basset Hound….

But in terms of health, food picky-ness, aunty Piper is spending more….

For another case, it was ME her highness on the table….

Mommy says I’m picky on my food, causing her to buy tonnes of supplements and trying different brands of food….

I hope I won’t cost a bomb on vet bills though…. sheesh! Who wants to fall sick anyway!


I’m feeling so lonely nowadays….

Mommy is rather busy preparing for her Professional I Exams…. T.T

Thank God at least she still plays with me before sleeping time….

And sometimes she will nap on the floor so as to be close with me…. 🙂

Daddy will be around to play with me for the weekends…. Yipee!!

I just hope this annoying exaaaams will be over as soon as possible….


Remember me telling about my missing teeth although they are supposed to be falling off?

Well, mom finally found 1 tooth! Here’s a picture to show you poochies how tiny my teeth are….

p/s: anyone looking for a male maltese puppy?

I’m Back ~!

Hello dear friends! I’m back just in time for the new year…. ^^

I did quite enjoy my boarding period and mommy was telling me stories of her trip to Phuket, which is a large island in Thailand…. Maybe I’ll share some with you dogs some day….

If only dogs are allowed to travel around easily like humans…. The beach allows dogs to swim in! How envious….

Happy New Year 2011

Missing you, Seraph