You’re no longer here….

to greet me as I wake up

to nip on my fingers

to nuzzle my feet

to beg for human food

to scramble to my lap when I sit on the floor

to bark in frustration when you cant catch your toys

to lick water droplets after I wash my hands

to tour around under the dining table as we eat

to stare at me until I melt and give in to your demands

to kiss me with your smelly mouth

to step all over me as I try to sleep

to shove your butt on my face

to wait anxiously at the door when you hear me returning home

to wipe your wet bottom on me after you pee

to be picky on your food but acts hungry when it’s human food

to lie on me as you fall asleep

to bring happiness to the people who love and miss you

In Loving Memory

Dear Seraph,

I first saw you in when your breeder Fred posted your beautiful 1 week old pictures, you looked so angelic, eyes still unopened. I knew that your parents were Mal Ch and you had the potential to be 1 too, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford you, but I just had to give it a try.

When you were 5 weeks old, I went to Penang, your birthplace, to have a look at you. I was so tempted to bring you home there and then. Somehow I was determined to make you my beloved daughter. Finally just few days before my birthday, I was allowed to take you home with me. Your grandparents and aunts came along to bring you little princess home. I was so delighted that you were such a good girl at such young age, not having any accidents throughout the whole 4 hours journey back home.

As time went by, you became accustomed to your new family, your grandparents doted and spoiled you, and your aunts enjoy entertaining you. Even when you were naughty and had accidents around the house, no one could bear to punish you or even be angry at you for too long. Mommy’s friends were excited to see you; even your daddy who is not fond of animals loved you.

Mommy doesn’t know what happened to you. You showed no signs of illnesses; you were still well and active throughout. Everything just came suddenly. Was it that mommy made you angry? Made you displeased? You didn’t want mommy anymore? Were you playing a huge prank on mommy? All those thoughts just keep playing in my mind as I hold your body that was beginning to lose colour and warmth.

I’m sure you’re now up in heaven by Jesus’ side, joining the great fleet of angels just as your name depicts. You’ll be the pretties, sweetest, cutest angel. But don’t you know that mommy misses you a lot? Will you please visit mommy often? I miss your fur, I miss you stepping all over me, I miss your bark, I miss holding you, I miss your enthusiasm when I arrive home, I miss you sitting on my lap, I miss your smelly breathe, I miss your picky eating habits, I miss the way you climb up and down the stairs, I miss you shoving your butt to my face, I miss your sweet begging eyes, I miss you sleeping by my side. I miss you so so much.

Daddy and mommy love and remember you always. And you’ll be dearly missed by your grandpa, grandma and aunts.

Rest in Peace my dear daughter.

Seraph the Maltese has passed on at the age of 10 months and 1 week old

(1st August 2010 – 8th June 2011)

, always dearly loved by mommy

Sadness in the Maltese world

Hello to everyone, I’ve been well (but not eating to make mommy worry, naughty me I know)

Mommy has been begging me to eat more but I’m refusing her human eyes coz she has been bring me out to strange and unfamiliar places, making me meet unfamiliar strangers…. Hmph! Doesn’t she know that I am afraid of unfamiliarity??

So she went to buy treats to mix with my kibbles, I picked them out with my sharp nose & tongue, she bought supplements that are suppose to boost my appetite but I still won’t eat…. Now she’d take my bowl away after 15 minutes…. Woof! We’ll see who wins the battle….

Anyway, I was over at Autumn Jie Jie’s blog and saw news of a maltese crossing over the Rainbow bridge…. He is Autumn Jie Jie’s brother, Jordan…. If you wish to extend your warm regards to Jordan’s mommy, you can over here….

Mommy met Jordan before, so that’s why I’m posting this news here on behalf of mommy….

RIP Jordan Gor Gor…. ♥