Happy Despicable Father’s Day!

Saw this video yesterday and it made me laugh so much! I initially scheduled Cut the Rope time travel series but decided this has to go up first!

Coz 1. Its too funny to not be shared to my dear readers! 2. Its Father’s day tomorrow!

Blessed Father’s Day! ❤

Om Nom Time Travels~~

Many would know of this famous little green monster… 😀

I love the fact that besides playing the game, now I can watch Om Nom in many short stories…. 😀

I adore Om Nom so much that I even named my puppy Om Nom too…. ^^ I know I haven’t formally introduce her to you all…. After what happened to my first daughter, I’ve decided to wait a little longer before bringing her into this garden… 🙂

Besides, isnt this another reason for you guys to continue reading my blog? teehee!


This video depicts a tale of 2 monkeys, 1 receiving a yummier treat than the other, see how the other monkey reacts to such treatment!

if the news on Malaysia’s political condition has really reached worldwide, then you guys can relate it with the current situation in Malaysia…. Even monkeys know when to reject unfairness & unequalness! What more our dear fellow Malaysians?! Tomorrow is the day, vote wisely regardless of which side you are in…. Vote for people of integrity & calibre, rather than being party fanatics….

God Bless Malaysia!