Cola Chicken

Hello people of the earth! I’m back with another cooking adventure~~ and today, i shall tell you how to cook Cola Chicken…. my way…. ;p

I still remember vaguely hearing about the existence of using coca-cola to cook chicken but have never really tasted it before…. 1 day, I decided to search the net for some recipes but most of it contain ingredients which I cannot easily get, in this God forsaken place…. *frustration of a wannabe cook*

So, I decided to device my own recipe, of course having the 2 main ingredients which are chicken and cola… I have tried the recipe twice, 1st time was not a success (I wouldn’t call it a failure since it was still edible), it turned out to taste more like soy sauce chicken…. 2nd time turned out yummy! The chicken was not too dry, and it has a tinge of caramel-like sweetness, thanks to the amount of sugar contained in coca-colas…

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Toasted Bread with Cheese & Sausage Roll

Some time ago, I saw this bread & cheese roll picture in Facebook…. It looked delicious & rather simple to do…. That, or I was bored & hungry during class…. Xb

So last weekend, I decided to try it…. Since learning how to cook, I have tried a few recipes on my own…. The funny thing is, those cookbooks sitting at home were actually mom’s, but she has never touched them before…. Turns out, I tried 1 or 2 recipes & my first guinea pigs were my wonderful family…. They were not afraid of getting diarrhoea the next day…. lol!

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