Piggy Trying to Get to the Cookie Jar

The moral of the story?

Sometimes we get so caught up with modern technology and new innovations that we forgot the simplest things in life….

Like for Mr. Pig here, he could have just grab a ladder….

But that aside, this was a hilarious video! Which method did you find it the funniest? I liked the one where he used the toilet plungers…. hahaha….

The Coconut Song

Some time back my sister showed me this song… and I didn’t know if I should laugh or face palm…. or I should applaud the creativity or bang my head at the lameness…. hahaha….

why don’t you tell me after watching it…. 😀

p/s: WARNING! song may get stuck in your head for some time…. :p

Day 19: Of Cockroaches and Exercise

Today started off on a bad foot…. All thanks to my biggest nemesis…. It was a relative of these 3…. Granted that it was not as cute, but thank goodness there was only 1, and it was not as annoying/mischievous as them!!

image credit to Google Images

Usually when I see one, my immediate reaction will be to scream for help while I run away to safer grounds…. Lest it decides to fly towards me…. I must say, the scariest of them all are the flying ones! >.< Living so high up, with all windows closed, I had no idea how it even enter!

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