Day 21: Donuts Craving and Feeling Better

For the past 3 weeks, I have been craving for Big Apple Donuts…. Their donuts are so soft and delicious…. But being the lazy me, I just let my cravings continue rather than drive 20 minutes to Giant Hypermarket to buy them….

My dear senior (shall keep it anonymous to maintain her privacy) who has graduated happened to come back here for some matters…. And to my surprise and delight, she bought some Big Apple Donuts for a few of us! Just see how wonderful He is, that even though I never requested for my cravings to be fulfilled, He provides it, at the right time!

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Day 14: Appreciating Little Things In Life

So, it has been 2 weeks…. How am I coping? I would say, borderline…. hahaha…. I’m able to handle, but at times I just feel vulnerable….

I have essentially been a loner kind of person (I guess…) So staying alone wasn’t that bad as I had imagine it to be… In fact, I occasionally enjoy the solitary-ness, sitting there, thinking to myself or just plain lazing there….

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He is watching over His children

Growing up in a christian family and background, I must admit (shamefully), I ain’t a very strong christian believer…. Yes I do believe in the good Lord, but my faith isn’t that strong, it does get shakened when I’m in the ditch, sometime I even question if He is even there with me or not…. Time and again, He does show Himself, bless my family and I, protect my family and I….

Months ago, it was the semester break, so daddy came outstation to drive me back home…. Me being daddy’s little girl, only checked the car engine oil, break oil, radiator water (as requested and reminded by daddy) but never bothered to check the car tyre pressure (yes, even on a regular basis)…. ><

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