Hello peeps…. Mommy has just finished her exams and now has more time to spend with me! We’re back in grandpa & grandma’s place which means more attention given to me as well….

Can life be any better…. Aahhhh~~~~ 🙂

Last Wednesday, mommy took me to the vet to have my very-annoying-naughty deciduous teeth removed as they have obstructed the growth of my permanent set of teeth, resulting them being off alignment already…. 😥

Apparently they put me on general anesthesia and got going with the procedure while mommy waited anxiously outside (or so she said…. :p) It took me another half an hour after the procedure was done before I began to wake up from my deep slumber…. After that another half an hour while I groggily swing my head left & right, screaming in pain…. Only after the vet certified that it was safe for me to be on a car ride then mommy carried me to the car….

Mommy being the always-blur-and-forgetful mommy, she didn’t snap pictures of my removed teeth nor did she ask from the vet for them…. >.< So I’m so sorry dear doggypals, I don’t have any pictures to show….

Now after every meal twice a day I’m being forced to take antibiotics until it finishes…. yuck!

For some time I thought mommy would cancel my gathering appointment on Saturday so I forced myself to be well before Friday night so that she would go on with the plan….

Well, Saturday is another story to share! Whenever mommy puts on a beautiful ribbon/clip on my head, it means I’m going some place where I’ll be the centre of attraction! Mommy took me to the FCI & AKU International Show March 2011 organised by MKA which ran for 2 days, but we only went on Saturday. All kinds of dogs were there, even my kind…. But I couldn’t go near them as they were being prepared for show with their prim & proper long straight silky hair…. Besides, I don’t dare to go near them either….

We left before the show ended as we have another event to attend…. Doggy Gathering! Organised by HomeAPet Forum…. We met up in Desa ParkCity’s park, a beautiful-dog-friendly park…. And yes! U guess it right! Mommy never take any pictures AGAIN!! I think I need to give mommy a nip on her toes the next time she forgets…. Now we shall wait for Tum & Jas’s mommy to upload pictures before I can provide a link for you guys to see….

The only picture I got is how I looked on that day….

At the beginning, I dare not walk as I was feeling rather intimidated by the amount of humans & dogs around the park! But mommy “dragged’ me along and I soon began to walk carefreely, sometimes even in front of mommy! XD

I’m so looking forward to the next gathering! Heehee!

Sniff Sniff ♥