Cola Chicken

Hello people of the earth! I’m back with another cooking adventure~~ and today, i shall tell you how to cook Cola Chicken…. my way…. ;p

I still remember vaguely hearing about the existence of using coca-cola to cook chicken but have never really tasted it before…. 1 day, I decided to search the net for some recipes but most of it contain ingredients which I cannot easily get, in this God forsaken place…. *frustration of a wannabe cook*

So, I decided to device my own recipe, of course having the 2 main ingredients which are chicken and cola… I have tried the recipe twice, 1st time was not a success (I wouldn’t call it a failure since it was still edible), it turned out to taste more like soy sauce chicken…. 2nd time turned out yummy! The chicken was not too dry, and it has a tinge of caramel-like sweetness, thanks to the amount of sugar contained in coca-colas…

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Day 21: Donuts Craving and Feeling Better

For the past 3 weeks, I have been craving for Big Apple Donuts…. Their donuts are so soft and delicious…. But being the lazy me, I just let my cravings continue rather than drive 20 minutes to Giant Hypermarket to buy them….

My dear senior (shall keep it anonymous to maintain her privacy) who has graduated happened to come back here for some matters…. And to my surprise and delight, she bought some Big Apple Donuts for a few of us! Just see how wonderful He is, that even though I never requested for my cravings to be fulfilled, He provides it, at the right time!

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Toasted Bread with Cheese & Sausage Roll

Some time ago, I saw this bread & cheese roll picture in Facebook…. It looked delicious & rather simple to do…. That, or I was bored & hungry during class…. Xb

So last weekend, I decided to try it…. Since learning how to cook, I have tried a few recipes on my own…. The funny thing is, those cookbooks sitting at home were actually mom’s, but she has never touched them before…. Turns out, I tried 1 or 2 recipes & my first guinea pigs were my wonderful family…. They were not afraid of getting diarrhoea the next day…. lol!

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Tagged along with mommy for Steamboat~~


Mommy: If I feed you human food, I will never hope to see you eat your kibbles ever again….

Seraph: What logic is this??

Mommy: Mommy’s logic of course…. Well, at least you wern’t left alone at home for such a long time….

Seraph: Was I there just for entertainment?? Urgh!


Luckily, mommy’s friends happen to appear at the shop and they were all fascinated with me…. Muahaha…. All of them were busy over me and not mommy…. XD Even the shop’s boss was trying to get my attention…. heehee….

Mommy and her housemates where so hungry that when the food was all cooked, they were ready to gobble down (opps…. I just made mommy sound hideous…. *run & hide*) that they forgot to take pictures of untouched food!!

First to went in were the meat & seafood stuffs, followed by softer stuffs like mushroom, toufu etc…. After all that was done, in went the vegies, followed by noodles and eggs….

Well, they finally remembered to take pictures after eating though…. =.=

look at their contented faces…. and…. compare with the following….

see how bored Her Highness is???? O.o

I’m so glad we’re back home…. ^^

p/s: Sorry I missed the last Saturday Dogtube, mommy was busy so I had no chance to use the laptop….

pp/s: Mommy just ranted to me that she is already hungry AGAIN! *Seraph shall faint here*

XOXO ♥ Seraph