Happy Rabbit Year!

Hello pooches! I know I haven’t been very barky with my posts and not consistent in my Saturday Dogtube. Blame the internet…. I think these internet companies should be given to us dogs to handle. We can send better transmissions to a wider radius via our bark…. XP Anyway….

Happy Bunny Chinese New Year!

I’m finally back from my CNY holiday…. This time, mommy brought me along because it is a local trip by car…. And guess what?! I had a whole seat in the car to myself instead on sitting on mommy’s lap….

So where did I go? To Penang! My hometown…. woof! Of course I had to hide quietly in the bag while we travel from the car to the hotel room…. Mommy set up a little area with all my belongings to make me feel more at home, but it didn’t do the trick! I get anxious whenever I see mommy touching my pink bag that I’d quickly scramble in.

So I was amusing mommy’s relatives with my scramble antics whenever mommy reaches for my bag and says “bye bye”! They find it cute while I found it rather heart popping! Come on, mommy was threatening to leave me there! >.<

Seraph, you may be a naughty devil at times but mommy won’t leave you ok? By the way, you hop like a bunny more than walk like a dog…. XD

Mommy even made grandparents to squeeze some time for me to get my monthly grooming+treatment done by my dad’s owner (Kinzonu), which of course dad wasn’t too pleased to see me and kept barking…. I wonder if he ever knew I was his daughter…. hmm…. Mom’s owner came to see me too! You must be wondering, why can’t wait till I’m back home? Coz mommy loves the results from Kinzonu’s work, besides, he’s experience with us maltese…. 😀

On a separate note, dad just fathered 4 puppies from a different female, so technically they are my half siblings. 2 have already been booked and there are 2 more males. Are you or anybody you know that are interested in getting a maltese puppy? Dad is a Mal Ch ya know!

Here’s the Fb link of the puppies’ album…. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1173090095&aid=2102094

But make sure you have read and understood us Maltese before you decide to get a cute face like me. Mommy says it is hard work, added with the fact that we are all white! And they are my half siblings, I would want them to have a good life too….

Toodles and Poodles…. ♥

First Basic Grooming

I was wondering, why mommy didn’t catch me into that red tub for bathing this week…

Grandpa & grandma brought me out for a car ride instead, and later I was reunited with mommy….

Not long after, I realised why! I was left into the hands of some strangers and got what mommy calls it as basic grooming! Eew!

They shaved my belly, paws and butt fur, cut my nails and gave me a bath…. Mommy just double-crossed me!

Anyway, no pictures were taken coz I still look like me, but mommy said the owner of the petshop was rather friendly and taught mommy some stuffs on how to better take care of me…. ngek ngek ngek! ;D

It was just my first visit to that grooming salon, so far so good…. However I had a badie bad tangle at my butt which mommy had to get Aunty G’s help to hold me still while she sort out the tangle…. But I don’t know how is their full grooming skills like though…. Wondering where is it? I manage to steal the name card from mommy’s purse so here you go….

Style Essentials @ Pet Safari Ikano, Mutiara Damansara

Opens from Monday-Sunday; 10am-7pm; Strictly by appointment only

Tel: 03 – 7727 3797

farts and burps ♥