Day 21: Donuts Craving and Feeling Better

For the past 3 weeks, I have been craving for Big Apple Donuts…. Their donuts are so soft and delicious…. But being the lazy me, I just let my cravings continue rather than drive 20 minutes to Giant Hypermarket to buy them….

My dear senior (shall keep it anonymous to maintain her privacy) who has graduated happened to come back here for some matters…. And to my surprise and delight, she bought some Big Apple Donuts for a few of us! Just see how wonderful He is, that even though I never requested for my cravings to be fulfilled, He provides it, at the right time!

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Day 19: Of Cockroaches and Exercise

Today started off on a bad foot…. All thanks to my biggest nemesis…. It was a relative of these 3…. Granted that it was not as cute, but thank goodness there was only 1, and it was not as annoying/mischievous as them!!

image credit to Google Images

Usually when I see one, my immediate reaction will be to scream for help while I run away to safer grounds…. Lest it decides to fly towards me…. I must say, the scariest of them all are the flying ones! >.< Living so high up, with all windows closed, I had no idea how it even enter!

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Day 14: Appreciating Little Things In Life

So, it has been 2 weeks…. How am I coping? I would say, borderline…. hahaha…. I’m able to handle, but at times I just feel vulnerable….

I have essentially been a loner kind of person (I guess…) So staying alone wasn’t that bad as I had imagine it to be… In fact, I occasionally enjoy the solitary-ness, sitting there, thinking to myself or just plain lazing there….

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Day 03: Falling Sick

So far, the days have been rather busy…. Classes goes on from morning till night…. @@ But that’s just weekdays…. I wonder how would I cope during the weekends…. hmm….

By the time I reach home, I’m dead beat, but I still try to do some light exercises before I head to the kitchen to prepare my dinner…. Sometimes during times like these, being alone isn’t so bad, you don’t see with your own eyes how other people are enjoying their time while you bury your head in books, books and endless books…. But at times, you wish that there is someone there to physically comfort you…

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Day 01: The Beginning

Remember few weeks back I said that I was going on a study break hiatus? Well, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I will have to semi-extend my hiatus…. While everyone has left town for their electives (at the same time enjoy their holidays), I am stuck in this small town all on my own….

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