It’s So Hot!!

Just a random quickie! Actually more like a rant… ==”

The weather here has been crazily hot for the past few months! And it gets hotter and hotter…. This is the only time where I look forward to classes as it is currently held in air-conditioned rooms…. Which unfortunately I don’t have one in my room! I can’t bear to imagine how afternoon classes would be like in the afternoon without aircond starting next week…. 😥

Now even with singlet on, I sweat…. Hanging my laundry with some breeze, I still sweat! Even just a second after my shower, I could feel myself sweating already! I don’t think I’ll ever visit countries during summer, neither will I visit the desert…. ==” or else really fml….

I’m a prefer cold than hot person, hence my preference for uphill compared to beach vacations…. Reason? If the weather is cold, I still can add layers of clothes, but I cant remove layers of clothes to keep cool in the hot weather! >.< Although, I would prefer to be in a comfortable temperature…. Who doesn’t?! Lol!

What about you? Are you a ‘hot’ person or ‘cold’ person? 😀