The Big 21 Plan

Remember some time ago I posted that something BIG is coming??


So, my sister’s 21st birthday is coming…. I’m not sure how other parts of the world is, but for Asians, 21st birthday is rather important…. It marks the beginning of adulthood, where you get a key from your parents, symbolically meaning that you now have your freedom…. Although that is not usually the case if you still live under their roof and still spend their money….

Anyway, rather than going all out on a birthday bash, she embarked on a noble project… To raise funds for a charitable cause…. The proceeds from the fund raiser will be used to buy food, clothes, essentials etc to be donated to children homes and animal shelters….

Aptly named The Big 21 Plan, she has created a Facebook page here…. She designed her own T-shirts which are up for sale at affordable prices and they are available on a pre-order basis…. Despite the limited designs right now, if there is good response and support for her cause, more designs will come up!

Please do support and share about this charity fund raiser and help a soon-to-be 21 year old girl fulfil the objectives of her cause…. Thank you so much dear readers!!

It’s So Hot!!

Just a random quickie! Actually more like a rant… ==”

The weather here has been crazily hot for the past few months! And it gets hotter and hotter…. This is the only time where I look forward to classes as it is currently held in air-conditioned rooms…. Which unfortunately I don’t have one in my room! I can’t bear to imagine how afternoon classes would be like in the afternoon without aircond starting next week…. 😥

Now even with singlet on, I sweat…. Hanging my laundry with some breeze, I still sweat! Even just a second after my shower, I could feel myself sweating already! I don’t think I’ll ever visit countries during summer, neither will I visit the desert…. ==” or else really fml….

I’m a prefer cold than hot person, hence my preference for uphill compared to beach vacations…. Reason? If the weather is cold, I still can add layers of clothes, but I cant remove layers of clothes to keep cool in the hot weather! >.< Although, I would prefer to be in a comfortable temperature…. Who doesn’t?! Lol!

What about you? Are you a ‘hot’ person or ‘cold’ person? 😀


最近看完了步步惊心,好迷这部戏。。。若曦写给至爱的四爷的最后一封信。。。好伤感。。。 😥