5 Beauty Must-Do’s of Mine!

1.Always wash hair after a whole day

You know how everyone has their own preferred time on when to wash their hair, some prefer in the morning before going out, some  prefer after coming back from outside, while some prefer to wash twice (IMHO, this is too much washing which could dry out the hair).

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A surprise box?

There comes a time where you girls have been bffs for many years and when the yearly question of what to get for her birthday arrives, you go nuts thinking what to get for her…. @@ because you got basically everything from purse to bags, t-shirts to dress throughout those years….

That question was running through my mind last month as my bff’s birthday is near and I had no idea what to get, time to find or access to shopping malls to get her present! Adding to the bad situation was that I won’t be around again this year as I’m studying outstation….

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